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Rocket Founders Picture

We're Ming and Shing, a brother-and-sister team from Singapore. Between us is our mum, whose knack for losing her sunglasses in extraordinary places inspired us to start The Rocket Eyewear Company.

On her return from the temple of Nagadeepa in Sri Lanka's Jaffna peninsula, she accidentally left her shades in a boat. In Lalibela, Ethiopia, she took them off inside the Church of St. George and never saw them again. While she was riding a chairlift up Corviglia in St. Moritz, Switzerland, they slipped off her lap and disappeared into deep powder snow. The list continues...

Every time she loses a pair, she returns to her favourite P3 shape - a classic, round frame originally designed for U.S. soldiers during WWII and worn by 1950s movie stars like Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck and James Dean.

As a gift for Mum, we re-designed her signature P3s with a travel-inspired twist and named them after her initials: MTO. She liked them so much she wanted two. So we made more, and we hope you like them too!

Started by Two Siblings Born 12 Years Apart

Ming Rocket

En Ming Ong

Ming was born in Singapore and studied Economics at Harvard College. He climbs stairs two at a time, grabs Cheetos by the handful and loves ice-cold G&Ts. He came up with the idea for Rocket after "borrowing" a pair of classic sunglasses he found in his mum's car.

Shing Rocket

Ker-Shing Ong

Shing was born in London and studied Fine Arts at Harvard College then Architecture and Landscape at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Alongside her husband, she runs award-winning Singapore-based Lekker Architects. She has four kids: three human, one canine (not pictured).