The best cycling sunglasses: 3 brands to know

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When cycling, sunglasses are essential.

Apart from protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, cycling sunglasses will shield your face from all sorts of dust and debris particles that cars and other cyclists may kick up from the road into your eyes.

Another plus: unlike conventional sunglasses, cycling sunglasses contain microscopic air vents to cool your lenses and prevent them from fogging when you're working up a sweat!

Check out our three favourite cycling sunglasses brands!

1. Rudy Project

In 1985, Rudy Barbazza started Rudy Project out of a desire to create high-performance made-in-Italy sunglasses.

Although Rudy Project offers products for a wide range of activities, their core focus lies in sunglasses and helmets for competitive cyclists.

Combining versatility, comfort and style, their bestselling frame is the Rydon, a lightweight frame for cyclists and runners with adjustable temple arms and nose pads.

2. 100%

Founded in 1982 by Drew Lien, 100% produces goggles and sunglasses for motocross, mountain biking and cycling.

In 2022, 100% collaborated with three-time world champion cyclist Peter Sagan on a bright, colourful collection of cycling sunglasses that combines tie-dye patters with ultra high-definition polycarbonate lenses for 100% UV protection and optimal field of vision.

3. Rapha

Founded in London in 2004, Rapha is a performance riding apparel company that offers cycling glasses with lenses that enchance color and contrast on all road surfaces.

A relative newcomer to eyewear, Rapha offers four main styles for different types of riding: Pro Team Full Frame, Pro Team Frameless, Explore and Classic.

Because of their exclusive focus on cycling, Rapha sunglasses feature details to improve the riding experience, such as their Rider Optimized Surface Enhancement (ROSE) lens technology.


If you're looking for pair of cycling sunglasses to wear on your next ride, take a look at Rudy Project, Rapha and 100%.

Each of these brands specialises in premium performance sunglasses that will protect your eyes and turn heads as you zoom down the road.

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