Where to buy Tony Stark Sunglasses

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Tony Stark Sunglasses

We realise this blog post has nothing to do with Rocket Eyewear, but when we were researching sunglasses-related search terms on Google, we discovered "Tony Stark sunglasses" and could not resist writing about them!

Hands up if you've seen Iron Man ✋!

While his gravity-defying planet-saving exploits may be tough to match, you can look like Tony Stark, the man in the suit, with a pair of E.D.I.T.H. (Even Dead, I'm The Hero) sunglasses!

Given the popularity of Iron Man, Avengers and other Marvel movies around the world, you can expect to receive plenty of comments when you rock a pair of Tony Stark sunglasses.

If you're interested in getting a pair of Tony Stark sunglasses, scroll down: you'll find out where to order the exact pairs he wore in the movies as well as a more budget-friendly options.

DITA Flight 006 — $625 USD

Variant: Smoke Grey Crystal - Black Palladium

If you are a die-hard Tony Stark fan and really want his sunglasses, check out DITA Flight 006 because these are the exact sunglasses he wore in the movie.

AIEYEZO Tony Stark Sunglasses Vintage Square Metal Frame Eyeglasses for Men Women - Iron Man and Spider-Man Sun Glasses — $14.99 USD

Variant: A1 Spider Man Same Color

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can consider this pair by AIEYEZO and buy it on Amazon for only $14.99! 

In spite of its low price tag, the lenses are polarised and also offer 100% UV protection!


If you're in the market for Tony Stark's sunglasses, you have two options: the actual DITA ones Robert Downey Jr. wears in the movies or a similar-looking pair on Amazon for 2.3% of the price.

Don't look at us — we have no plans to make them! 

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