Glasses Measurements: How to find the size of your glasses

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Have you ever wondered what size your glasses are?

You know your shoe size, and you have a rough idea of whether you're a small, medium or large with most types of apparel, but what about glasses?

With glasses and sunglasses, most eyewear manufacturers will indicate your frame's dimensions on the inner left temple arm.

When you know your glasses measurements, you will be able to choose new glasses or sunglasses frames with confidence that they will fit you!

In this guide, we will show you what each measurement means!

Table of Contents

  1. How do I know my glasses size?
  2. What size glasses are normal?
  3. What is my frame width?

1. How do I know my glasses size?

Most frames will indicate their measurements on their inner left temple arm.

If you have a pair of our Original-sized frames, you will see "53-20-145" on the inner side of your left temple arm.

Rocket Eyewear Dimensions

Regarding 53-20-145:

  1. 53 refers to your lens width
  2. 20 is the bridge width
  3. And 145 is the length of the temple arm

All above measurements are in millimetres.

If you like our Original size but want to get a pair of glasses or sunglasses from another brand (hmph!), just make sure that its measurements are similar to 53-20-145.

Almost all eyewear brands have adopted lens-bridge-temple measurements in millimetres as a universal standard, so you will be able to compare most frames with each other.

2. What size glasses are normal?

In general, smaller frames tend to have a lens width of between 40 and 48 mm. Medium-sized frames have a lens width of between 49 and 54 mm, while large frames have a lens width of between 55 and 58 mm.

A frame that is too narrow for your face will make it look larger, while a frame that is too large for your face makes it look smaller. 

Pro tip: most people like their glasses to fit just right, where frame width is equal to face width, but with sunglasses, most people are happy with a slightly oversized frame for better aesthetics and sun protection.

3. What is my frame width?

We believe a better way to determine your glasses size is to measure your frame width and height with a ruler because your lens and bridge widths do not account for the size of the left and right end pieces, illustrated below.

Rocket Eyewear frame end pieces

To find your frame size, grabbing a ruler and measuring the frame width from end to end.

Rocket Eyewear Frame Width

And when you're ordering a pair of glasses from a retailer, ask them for the frame width! That way, you will know with certainty whether the size is right for you.


To find your frame's dimensions, see the measurements on the inner left temple arm. However, because they do not include the width of your end pieces, using a ruler to measure the frame width and height is the best way to determine your frame size with accuracy.

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