Fit and Size Guide

Read this guide to learn how to choose the perfect Rocket Eyewear fit and size for you.

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Raised "Asian" Fit v. Standard "European" Fit

If you have high cheekbones relative to your nose bridge, try our Raised Fit frames.

They feature 12-mm nose pads that position the frames higher on your face and away from your cheeks.

No more sliding down your nose or touching your cheeks.

As a happy customer named Dory once said, "Rockets pass the smile test!"

Tiffany wears Raised Fit.

Standard Fit frames, on the other hand, are perfect for you if you have a high nose bridge relative to your cheekbones.

Zenos wears Standard Fit.

Apart from the nose pads, Raised and Standard Fit frames are identical.

Fun fact: many non-Asian customers prefer Raised Fit because they like additional padding around their nose. 

We came up with Raised and Standard Fit because Singaporeans are super diverse, and so are our noses. 

Frame Size

To find your ideal frame size, you can measure the frame width of your current sunglasses and compare it with our three sizes:

  1. Original (143 mm wide)
  2. Tailored (136 mm wide)
  3. Small (132 mm wide)

Please measure.

Doing so ensures you're getting the right size.

We recommend women try Original because it offers a flattering, slightly oversized look.

Based on our sales data, over 95% of female customers prefer Original.

In contrast, around 70% of men like Original, 25% prefer Tailored, 5% need Small.

Pro tip: measure your glasses and refer to this diagram.

Our Sizes: A Brief History

In 2017, we launched the MTO Classic in only one frame size: Original (143 mm wide).

Slightly oversized, it suited men and women in Singapore, most of whom prefer a medium to large fit.

As soon as we expanded overseas to Australia and the U.S., however, we noticed a trend: 90% of returned orders came from white male customers who wanted smaller Rockets.

L to R: Mahogany Tortoise (Original), Hunter Green Clear (Tailored) and Crystal (Small)

Based on this feedback, we created two smaller sizes: Tailored (136 mm wide) and Small (132 mm wide).

If you like the standard eyeglasses frame size found in most Western countries, choose Tailored.

If you need narrow frames, try Small but believe us: it's small.

A customer named Natalie from Australia once emailed us about her Small Rockets with the subject line "too small!!" We believe this statement is accurate for most individuals.

Currently, all our frames are available in Original, while a select number are available in Tailored and Small.

You can see the colours with smaller sizes here.

Examples: See Our Sizes on Different Faces

From left to right, each person below wears Hunter Green Clear in Original (143 mm wide), Tailored (136 mm wide) and Small (132 mm wide).

On Her

On Him

On Leo, 10, and Mila, 11

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