7 Reasons You'll Love Rocket Sunglasses

Before we start, hello 🤚!

We're Ming and Shing, a brother-and-sister team from Singapore.

Between us is our mum, whose knack for losing her sunglasses in extraordinary places inspired us to Rocket Eyewear.

Without further ado, here are 7 reasons we think you'll love our sunglasses.

1. They're classic, lightweight (only 29 g) and polarized.

2a. They pass the smile test.

If you have high cheekbones relative to your nose bridge, our Raised "Asian" Fit frames feature 12-mm-tall nose pads that position the frames higher on your face and away from your cheeks.

Standard "European" Fit, on the other hand, is perfect for you if you have a high nose bridge or prefer your frames sitting closer to your eyes.

2b. Another benefit of Raised and Standard Fit? Rockets stay on, even when you get down.

3. Our frames come in 3 sizes!

You can get your Rockets in Original (53-20-145), Tailored (49-20-145) or Small (47-20-140).

4. They look great on men, women and then some!

United Colours of Benneton

5. Polarized CR-39 lenses offer 100% UV protection, cut glare and resist scratches - perfect for sunny escapes. #RocketsGoPlaces

6. We use the highest-quality materials: handcrafted Italian acetate, polarized CR-39 lenses and stainless steel hinges offer maximum wearability and durability.

7a. 40+ colours and unique tortoise shell combinations.

7b. Unsure where to start? Click the image below 👇 to see our bestsellers.

Plus - you get free shipping and 30-day returns on every order!

Ready to Rocket?


P.S. Here's what Harper's said about us!