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Our Story

Rocket is inspired by our mother's travels.

She loves adventures. On her trips, however, she often loses her sunglasses. In Maymyo, Burma, she left them in a sidecar. Visiting rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia, she took them off inside the Church of St. George and never saw them again. While she was riding a chairlift in Corviglia, St. Moritz, they slipped off her lap and disappeared into deep powder snow.

From London to Lombok, she always wears P3 sunglasses - a classic, round, effortlessly stylish frame shape. Originally designed for U.S. soldiers during World War II, the P3 later became a Hollywood icon seen on 1950s movie stars like James Dean, Grace Kelly and Gregory Peck. 

Started by two siblings with a marvellous mum, Rocket makes premium P3 sunglasses in many colours at travel-friendly prices. Handmade with the finest materials, our frames are classic, light and super comfortable - perfect for the weekend. We chose the name Rocket because - like Mum - #rocketsgoplaces! Also, she didn't want us using her name. :)