Clear glasses and sunglasses frames

Clear glasses and sunglasses frames

Clear glasses and sunglasses frames

Psst...we have a lot of them!

When we were coming up with our initial range of colours for Rocket Eyewear back in 2017, Samuel L. Jackson in clear frames was our north star.

I mean...just look at him!

Samuel L. Jackson clear glasses frames

Samuel L. Jackson at The Golden Globe Awards

In fact, out of the 40 frame colours we offer, more than 15 include a transparent front or side!

If you're looking for a timeless, effortlessly cool and subtle frame colour to complete your look, consider clear because, as Shing, our head of design, likes to say, "It's not even a colour!"

Scroll down to check out our entire range of clear frame glasses and sunglasses!

Before we list our clear frame glasses, here are our definitely slightly biased thoughts on three frequently asked questions (on Google) about clear frame glasses:

1. Are clear glasses frames in style?

Classic yet modern, clear glasses frames have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, but they will always be in style. They complement almost all complexions, and because they're colourless, they don't overwhelm your face the way a darker frame would.

2. Do clear frames turn yellow?

Over 2 to 3 years, clear glasses frames may start to lose their sheen and turn yellow. Excessive sweat and oil-based cosmetics can interact with your frames and increase the rate at which they turn yellow.

To preserve the clarity of your clear frames, you can clean them with soap and warm water on a regular basis. As we use the highest quality cellulose acetate to make our frames, our clear glasses frames undergo minimal discolouration (if at all).

3. Do clear glasses look good on light skin?

Dakota Fanning Wore Glasses at the Elle Women of Hollywood Awards

Dakota Fanning at the Elle Women of Hollywood Awards

We think so! If you have light skin and are looking for a subtle frame colour to complement your complexion, clear glasses frames could be a great option! You can also add a hit of contrast to your skin tone by choosing a tinted clear glasses frame — we have many options!

Here they are: all our clear glasses and sunglasses frame options!