Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Protect your eyes from screen glare.

Try our blue-light-blocking glasses today.


Here are three things to know about them.

1. They can reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality by filtering 50% of blue light from digital screens (420 to 450 nm) and up to 90% of high-frequency 405-nm blue light, as shown below.

When we use digital devices at night, blue light, which helps us stay alert during daytime, can affect our circadian rhythm, suppress melatonin production and disrupt our ability to sleep.

By filtering blue light, our lenses help your biological clock distinguish day from night—especially helpful for those of us who like to use our phones before we sleep.

2. They offer clear vision with minimal colour distortion.

Embedded with an effective yet subtle amber-tinted blue-light filter, our lenses block 100% of UV 400-nm light, up to 90% of 405-nm blue light and 50% of 420 to 450-nm blue light without turning your vision orangey.

3. You can order them in prescription!

In partnership with a Singapore-based optical lab, we offer all our frames with a variety of blue-light-blocking prescription lenses: single vision, progressive, readers and non-prescription.