Rockets Go Places: Section—About Us

When you travel, you need to bring sunglasses. They’re as essential as your toothbrush. But people often forget to pack them, and then they end up buying rubbish at the airport.



Rockets Go Places is a "sunglasses fund" to support eye-opening trips.

We believe in travel: specifically, how it broadens minds.

From The Rocket Eyewear Company, we often see customers bringing their Rockets on incredible adventures. One Friday afternoon in 2018, a young man named Dennis came to our office to pick up Pearl/Rifle Green Rockets before his flight that evening. Three days later, he tagged us in a picture of him and his wife participating in a coffee auction in Sandona, Colombia. Inspired by him (and maybe some Netflix), we visited Colombia in Spring 2019. It's so much more than narcos.

We don't believe in discounts or giveaways, but if you're planning an exciting trip and believe it can inspire others to get off their couch, we would love to sponsor you.

Open our eyes, and we'll protect yours!