MTO P3 Classic Sunglasses

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Hunter Green Clear with Green Polarized Lenses (Launch Edition)
Fit and Size Guide

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Which fit is right for you?

If sunglasses tend to touch your cheeks, choose Raised Fit.


Which size is right for you?

All models in the pictures wear Original, which is slightly oversized and suits most faces.

Ming's Notes

These are our mum's favourite sunglasses. Based on the P3, a Hollywood icon from the 1950s, the MTO is a modern classic for men and women. Since launching it in 2017, we have focused on its versatility, making it in 2 fits, 3 sizes and 40+ colours. Many customers end up getting it in 2 or even 3 different colours. Evidently, you can never have too much of a good thing!

5 Key Details

  • Polarised CR-39 lenses block 100% of UV rays, cut glare, and resist scratches.
  • 2 fits, 3 sizes and 40+ colours ensure the perfect frame for your face.
  • Handcrafted acetate frames are sturdy, lightweight (only 29 g) and malleable.
  • You can adjust the temple arms (without needing heat) for a tighter or looser fit around your ears.
  • 5-barrel stainless steel rivet hinges secure the front frame to the temple arms.

See it in 360 degrees

Shape History

The MTO offers a classic, understated look for men and women: it is based on the P3, a round frame shape designed for U.S. soldiers during WWII and worn by 1950s Hollywood movie stars like Grace Kelly and James Dean.

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*This same rule applies to exchanges.

Buying sunglasses online can feel risky.

But it doesn't have to be.

We want to help you make an informed decision, so here are 3 common reasons some customers (about 1 in 20) return their Rockets:

1. "The shape doesn't suit me."

For our first 6 years, we focused on only one shape: the MTO.

Named after our Mum, it's a classic, round frame based on the P3.

It suits most faces but not all.

So we designed the SPT — a rectangular frame based on the iconic wayfarer.

The SPT, we say with confidence, flatters all face shapes.

Check it out!

2. "It's too big (or small)."

Most customers like our Original (143 mm wide) frame size.

It offers a slightly oversized look for medium to medium-large heads.

If you need smaller frames, try Tailored (136 mm wide) or Small (132 mm wide).

Unsure about your size?

Use a ruler to measure the width of your current favourite glasses or sunglasses.

Pro tip: most customers like their sunglasses a little oversized.

3. "They sit on my cheeks."

If you have high cheekbones relative to your nose bridge, choose Raised "Asian" Fit.

It features 12-mm nose pads that position the frames higher on your face and away from your cheeks.

We review every order, and if we think there may be a better fit or size for you, we will check with you before shipping.

If you have any questions, please email us

We're here to help!

Your Rockets should feel snug.

If they're too loose or too tight, you can adjust them by bending the temple arms, which are thin and malleable.

Don't worry — you're not going to break them.

If they're too loose

Bend the arms inward and tips downward so that they grip the back of your ears.

If they're too tight

Bend the arms outward and tips upward for more space between the frames and your face.

You can see a video on how to adjust your Rockets here.

P.S. If you have any questions about how to adjust your Rockets, email us at any time! We adjust every pair of Rockets by hand before shipping and would be happy to show you how to do it too!

You can add prescription lenses to any of our frames.

To do so, press the "Add Prescription Lenses" button (below "Add to Cart") and follow the steps.

We offer these prescription and lens types:

Prescription types

  • Single Vision
  • Reading

Polarized sunglasses lenses

  • 1.50 index
  • 1.60 index
  • 1.67 index

Clear or blue-light-blocking lenses

  • 1.56 index
  • 1.60 index
  • 1.67 index

2 things to know

  1. You can wear our sunglasses as glasses — the frames are identical. To add clear lenses to our sunglasses frames, email us at for a custom order.
  2. Any optometrist can add prescription lenses to our frames.

What you see is what you get

Every order comes with a hard case and cleaning cloth to help you keep your Rockets dust-free and safe.

We prepare and pack each order by hand, so if you have any special requests (like extra stickers), let us know!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2103 reviews
Judy Sam
Love these sunglasses

Saw the advertisement on Instagram. Ordered the Asian Fit original in Classic Charcoal Black and Marble Tortoise. The fit is amazing. I am so very pleased with the fine quality of these sunglasses. Just placed an order for another pair.

Perfect for my face

As an Asian with a wide face, it’s hard to find glasses that don’t accentuate my head and face shape. I came across these on an Instagram ad, and figured why not? Hopefully this isn’t a scam (I’ve been duped by Instagram ads before). The shipping was quick. Just a few days. They look luxurious…could be worth more. They’re wide so my face doesn’t look ridiculous. Also, the bridge is made for Asian noses so they don’t keep sliding down. Highly recommend.

Ryan Wong
Great Sunglasses, Great Company

I love the Rocket sunglasses that I got, but more than that, the Rocket Eyewear team (shoutout to Ming and team!) provides excellent service and has shown itself to place its customers as a priority. I’m getting a third pair already and I couldn’t be happier

George Jularbal

Great Frames !

Lynette Tan
Super Fast Delivery; Great Fit

I placed my order during lunch hour, and my package arrived at my doorstep the very next morning! I could use it immediately on my way to work! The fit was good for me and it was comfortable. My first time trying out polarised lenses and it needs some getting used to (for me).

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